Intro to hunting from Morgan County Pheasants Forever

The volunteers in the Morgan County Pheasants Forever chapter, in partnership with Colorado Parks & Wildlife, continued their efforts to introduce people to the outdoors this past spring. The chapter helped 12 beginning hunters get the necessary license, had a training/education class with them and their adult sponsor before the season began, secured access to various private land parcels where turkeys range, and then took the novices on hunts.

The season began in April and ran through most of March and we took the novice hunters as their schedules allowed. This spring’s hunt ended up with 5 turkeys being taken, by two youth novices and three adult novices.

Morgan County Pheasants Forever is available to help people interested in hunting, either through our program, or other programs where we can steer people​. We also need additional landowners in Morgan County who would be willing to allow access to their land for specific hunts, with whatever their property has available, from dove, ducks, geese, pheasant, turkey, antelope, or deer.

Lastly, we always need more volunteers who are interested in sharing their knowledge and helping in our wildlife habitat development programs and our novice hunter programs. For more information, you may contact Tim Amen, Morgan Pheasants Forever outreach coordinator, at or 970-380-8281

Intro to hunting from Morgan County Pheasants Forever

Mathieu Turner (left) and Tim Amen (right) caught one of five turkeys during a spring hunt presented by the volunteers from the Morgan County Pheasants Forever chapter. (Courtesy Photo)

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